Warmworks marks milestone 100th employee

Marking a milestone for Warmworks, our 100th staff member,  Procurement Manager Cassandra Mackie, tells us about what attracted her to join the company and what she is looking forward to doing in her role

 “I was taking a break from work and considering a new career when I heard about Warmworks . After I had learned more about the company ethos and others’ experience of working with them I was definitely interested. 

The work that Warmworks does is so important and what attracted me to joining the company was that they were contributing to bettering society.

I was presented with an opportunity to expand on my experience as well as a very clear progression path. How well the company was spoken of, the work the company does and the people who represented Warmworks is what attracted me to work for the company.

In my role at Warmworks, I am a part of the commercial team picking up procurement. I manage our merchant and suppliers, with support from my manager. My job involves a lot of communication and assisting with keeping our supply chain running smoothly. There are other aspects of my role I am still getting to grips with but everyone in the company is really helpful.

I have enjoyed meeting people and getting to know them and their roles.  This is a completely new industry for me and I like to hear other people’s stories.  I really enjoy my job, including meeting our suppliers and getting to know them and their companies.

The senior management team at Warmworks are just as welcoming and open as all other staff.  I feel comfortable if I ever need to approach or talk to anyone.

I also really like that Warmworks is a flexible employer. They trust everyone to get the job done whilst making it easy to manage home life.

I can safely say that everyone who I have met at Warmworks cares about their job. They are really enthusiastic about the work they do and the end result of all of that work, which is helping customers to live in warm, affordable homes.  Everyone is so passionate about the company and their role in it.

I am looking forward to becoming a strong member of the team at Warmworks and contributing to the important role the company plays in tackling fuel poverty.”  

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