What is Warmstart?

Warmstart is our unique employment initiative that aims to create, support and facilitate work placements, apprenticeships, jobs and mentoring opportunities in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry. The initiative goes across both our own business and those of our supply chain partners. 

Click on each of the type of Warmstart opportunities below to find out how many individuals we have placed, as well as some further detail on what to expect.

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Career change
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What does Warmstart seek to achieve?

Warmstart is about honing and harnessing the talent that will drive and enhance the green jobs of the future; developing the people and skills that will be needed as we decarbonise our homes and transition to a net zero nation.  

Working together with our supply chain partners, we want to build, grow and sustain a workforce that can rely on the progression of key skills and on meaningful, long-term personal and professional development.  

What impact has the Warmstart initiative had so far?

In its first year, the initiative managed to place 24 young people into a variety of opportunities. We have seen a 90% retention rate, with positive long-term outcomes achieved, including a range of permanent jobs and apprenticeships across the industry.  

Whilst the first phase of the initiative focused on providing young people aged 16-24 with opportunities in the energy efficiency sector, we are now building on this by also targeting those aged over 25 who are looking to ‘restart’ their career. 

You can hear directly from some of those young people and candidates in the case studies below.  

Warmstart Case Studies

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What can Warmstart offer anyone that might be interested? 

Warmstart will help people to establish a new career path in a growing industry, with over 30 kinds of roles and a range of different opportunities. 

This initiative seeks to match candidates up with a work, apprenticeship or training opportunity through one of our registered and accredited supply chain members, or indeed within Warmworks itself. It will give first-hand experience and allow people to build valuable skills in areas ranging from office-based support services to technical, engineering and installation roles.

How does Warmstart work for partner businesses? 

For any organisations that are looking to host a young person through our Warmstart initiative, it offers the opportunity to demonstrate sector leadership as a progressive organisation that is committed to developing the people and skills that will be needed for the green jobs of the future.  

We will be there at every step of the process too; helping connect with any funding or providing other support that businesses or new recruits require, as well as finding routes to suitable candidates. Our job is to help people to get the most out of their engagement with Warmstart in a positive, constructive and sustainable way that adds value over the long-term.