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  • 23/09/2022
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By Deborah Meikle, Warmworks’ Public Affairs and Communications Officer

Earlier this year we welcomed Fo’Sho Studios into Warmworks to develop a series of videos to support the launch of our new brand. Led by Fynn Elkington, Fo’Sho has a highly skilled and expert team of people who seamlessly collaborated with us to tell the story of how Warmworks through the eyes of our customers, staff and installers, with a focus on where Warmworks has come from over the past seven years, and our ambitions for the future.

After settling on four key concepts: Our Role, Our Communities, Our Customer and Our Suppliers to tell Our Story, we got to work on identifying the people who would help us to tell this story and arranging shooting locations. Whether it was filming Chief Executive, Ross Armstrong outside our Edinburgh office, our customers in Orkney, our staff in our new London office or suppliers across the central belt of Scotland, the spring months of this year saw us head out all over the country to capture the breadth of the work we do.

Warmworks' Chief executive Ross Armstrong outside filming his interview for the film

Filming with Warmworks’ Chief Executive, Ross Armstrong in Edinburgh


I took a road trip with our Communities Manager, Neil Barnes down to Selkirk to film with supplier South East (SE) Heating and two of their young employees who are a part of our Warmstart employment initiative. To see their office transformed into a mini studio thanks to Martin and Jake from Fo’Sho was nothing short of incredible. There was a little bit of nervousness at the beginning as no one really knew what to expect, but after a few warmup takes, and many calming cups of tea, the filming began. I got to witness Neil do some ‘real acting’ shooting some action scenes, the cameras being taken on a trip in the SE Heating van capturing the sights of the Scottish Borders, and a surprise interview with Director of SE Heating, Donald MacKenzie.

Whilst we got the opportunity to oversee some of the filming days like this one in Selkirk, we had to be prepared to entirely place our trust in our partners as filming took place up in the Highlands and Islands, and down at our London office. Luckily, Fo’Sho made an undoubtedly trustworthy collaborator. Despite being met with some challenges along the way including airlines losing equipment and weather disruption, the team captured more than we could have hoped for.

Needless to say, taking part in this process was daunting for most but I can say with confidence that we were all blown away with how naturally being on camera came to our participants- there a few Warmworks employees who definitely have future careers on the big screen.

Check out ‘Our Story’ here:

Head over to Fo’Sho Studios’ website to learn more about them and their work: Video Production Glasgow – FoSho STUDIOS

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