Renewable Heat Project with Waverley Housing

Mr P

Mr P, a tenant of Waverley Housing, was selected to have a package of energy-saving improvements installed in his home, including an air source heat pump, battery storage technology and a solar PV system. Mr P was fed up living with his current heating system and was desperate to find a solution.

My previous heating system was really old; it was electric and expensive to run.

The first step in the process was for Warmworks to carry out a survey of Mr P’s home to confirm it was suitable to receive these energy-saving improvements. The Warmworks surveyor confirmed that his home was eligible and he was delighted that he was able to take part in the project.

Warmworks then appointed BRB Electrical Ltd (BRB) as the sub-contractor who would carry out the work. The team from BRB got in touch with Mr P to arrange a technical survey to discuss the installation in greater detail.

“This was quick and easy! No issues at all.”

Once the technical survey was completed, Warmworks advised Mr P to contact his electricity supplier to ensure he was on the best energy tariff to suit the energy-saving improvements that were about to be installed. After a short while, the installation began and the team from BRB worked hard to ensure that the energy-saving improvements were installed as efficiently as possible.

They were absolutely brilliant, from the scaffolders to the solar panel fitters. I have never seen anyone work as well as they did. The scaffolding came down the same day it went up!

Once the installation was completed, a Warmworks inspector visited Mr P’s home to ensure everything was installed correctly and to the highest standards.

When asked about the impact of the energy-saving improvements that were installed, Mr P said:

“Financially, they are making a difference. I didn’t use my heating before as it was too expensive – I would only use hot water for one hour per day.”

My bills have decreased to approximately £300 per quarter, which is huge for me. I also look at my smart meter now; I couldn’t bring myself to look at it before!”

When asked what advice he would give to anyone about to have work carried out under the project, Mr P said:

I have recommended Warmworks to a few of my friends. They should go for it.