Energy Efficient Scotland: Area-Based Scheme

Mr W

Mr W read about the support available through the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area-Based Scheme in Orkney online.

Our house was cold and this was a great opportunity to get something done and make our home warmer.

Mr W spoke to our team and we arranged a survey to look at what support might be available to him.

“The man who came was great, he did his survey and answered questions, and explained everything really well. He was very efficient.”

The survey confirmed that Mr W’s home would benefit from internal wall insulation. Our team in Orkney then made the arrangements for the installation to take place in his home.

The installation went really smoothly. We actually moved out as we have young children, but I was back and forward to see how things were getting on. We moved the furniture around and the team were very accommodating as they worked round us – nothing was too much hassle for them and they kept in touch with how things were going.

Once the installation was completed, an independent inspection was organised to make sure that everything had been installed correctly.

“The post installation inspection went very smoothly. The inspector come round to check everything over to make sure it was alright. They were incredibly efficient, and they got the taper and filler out at the same time as the joiners, to save time. They were so efficient and the workmanship was very good.”

Mr W says that he has already started to notice the impact the installation of the internal wall insulation is having in his home.

We can feel the difference with the heat staying in the house, it’s definitely reduced our bills. The look is brilliant. When we put the heating on, we know this came at the perfect time.

He says that he would encourage others to apply for support under the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area-Based Scheme in Orkney.

“Absolutely go for it. It’s very little hassle if you move out of the house, but if you don’t, they will work around you. If you have the opportunity, definitely apply, it’ll help with managing you bills.”