Warmer Homes

Mrs A

Mrs A had an old heating system that didn’t properly heat her home, and she found that her inefficient heating system was becoming too expensive to run.

It was becoming financially painful and quite clear the system needed to be upgraded to modern standards.

After a few short questions were answered in a call with Home Energy Scotland, Mrs A was referred to Warmworks to arrange for an initial survey to take place.

“The survey was absolutely excellent, very professional and entirely in compliance with COVID regulations. They arrived perfectly on time and couldn’t have been more professional. We were given plenty of information, making it clear what to expect.”

The survey confirmed that Mrs A was eligible to receive a new hot water system and modern, efficient, high heat retention electric storage heaters. Warmworks then appointed our local sub-contractor to manage the installation process, and a technical survey was arranged to discuss everything in more detail with Mrs A.

“Everything was explained at just the right level. It was easy to understand what was to be expected.”

Shortly after the technical survey, the installation began, and the sub-contractor team arrived early to get Mrs A’s new heating system set up.

 The installation was tremendous. It was absolutely spot on. It was only one day. They arrived early in the morning and got the job done that day. You wouldn’t have even known they were in the house apart from the fact there was a new heating system. It was great, it was honestly perfect.

Not long after the installation was completed, a Warmworks inspector visited Mrs A’s home, and confirmed that there was now a considerable increase in her home’s energy efficiency, rising to a SAP rating of 59. The new heating system has made a difference to the warmth in Mrs A’s home, and her energy bills.

“The difference in the level of heat in the house is very noticeable, very noticeable. They also put in smoke alarms, which was very reassuring. We are already looking at a reduction in our fuel bills of between 25 and 30 percent.”

For more information about Warmer Homes Scotland or to make an application, customers can contact Home Energy Scotland free on 0808 808 2282.

Download our 2021/22 Customer Stories Booklet to read about our customers who have benefited from the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme.