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Mrs F

Mrs A

Mrs F found out about the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme through a support organisation, and wanted to apply as she was struggling to keep her home heated and access hot water.

My only source of heating was to stay in bed with my electric blanket on. I was unable to have a bath – my only option was a cold shower.

After getting in touch with Home Energy Scotland and answering a few short questions, Mrs F was referred to Warmworks to organise a survey of her home.

“The surveyor was a lovely chap. I hadn’t been able to clear the loft before his visit and I had wanted to cancel the survey. However, he persuaded me that he had “seen it all before” and would be able to work it out when he got here. I was worried about what he would think of the clutter, but he was charming throughout.”

The survey confirmed Mrs F qualified to receive a new boiler and heating system, and Warmworks appointed Everwarm as the registered sub-contractor to carry out a technical survey and manage the installation process.

“The technical survey was carried out by one of those rare people in life who go ‘above and beyond.’ He was truly a solutions-oriented person who actually cared. He must have spent more than three hours drawing up handwritten plans. I was crying when he agreed that I could have heating in my upstairs room next to the loft. This room is referred to as a ‘utility’ room in my title deeds and I pay extra for it via factors fees and community charge. I had informed him that I wanted to use the room as an office and to pursue another career that afforded me the opportunity to work from home.”

The team from Everwarm arrived early on the day of the installation to get Mrs F’s new heating system set up for her.

The Technical Surveyor said he would use his top team for the job, and he did! The team went above and beyond.

Shortly after the installation was completed, a Warmworks inspector attended Mrs F’s home to make sure everything had been installed correctly. The inspection also confirmed that her home was now more energy efficient, with her SAP rating having risen from 45 previously to 73 after the installation was completed. Mrs F says that she now has better access to heating and hot water in her home thanks to the measures installed under the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme.

“Being able to have a bath without having to wait for an immersion tank to heat up is just bliss! For the first time in a long time, I slept for a solid six hours. It is so lovely to have running hot water and heating which comes on automatically depending on the setting of the thermostat which I can control. I no longer dread the winters!”

For more information about Warmer Homes Scotland or to make an application, customers can contact Home Energy Scotland free on 0808 808 2282.

Download our 2021/22 Customer Stories Booklet to read about our customers who have benefited from the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme.