Energy Efficient Scotland:
Area-Based Scheme, Orkney

Mrs L

Mrs L heard about the EES:ABS from one of her neighbours, and wanted to get in touch because she was spending most of her income on heating.

I was spending almost three quarters of my money on the electric, coal and logs, just to keep warm.

She got in touch with Warmworks and found out that she qualified to receive support under the scheme. Warmworks then arranged for a surveyor to visit her home to look at what measures she would benefit from.

‘The surveyor was great. He was very nice and friendly and let us know exactly what they could do. He spoke in simple terms so it was easy to understand, and we weren’t confused about anything.”

The survey confirmed that Mrs L’s home would benefit from internal wall insulation, and the next step in the process was for a technical survey to be carried out, to go through what would happen next in more detail.

“We just let the surveyor get on with it. He was quick and thorough and asked a few questions – it was very painless, there was no stress or anxiety, nothing.”

Warmworks then arranged for our local subcontractor R Clouston Ltd to carry out the installation, and arrived promptly on the date agreed with Mrs L. Once the installation had been completed, Warmworks organised an independent inspection to check that it had been completed to our high quality and safety standards.

The team took pictures and there was an issue with the windows opening and they came back right away. They were out in a flash and sorted it out. It was excellent.

Mrs L says that she has already noticed the impact the new insulation has made to her home.

‘There is a difference in the temperature of the rooms. The bedroom before was 6/7 degrees and now it’s 10/11 degrees. The living room was 21 degrees the other day with the sunshine, no heating. The extra layer has made such a difference. No fire, so we’ve reduced the cost of the coal and logs as well as the electric, it’s fantastic. I was dreading another cold winter. I’m going to be thinking that I’m in paradise this winter, I’m going to need a poster of the Caribbean on my wall!”