Energy Efficient Scotland:
Area-Based Scheme, Orkney

Mrs L

Warmworks Scotland is delivering the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area-Based Scheme (EES: ABS) in Orkney on behalf of Orkney Islands Council, with the aim of supporting homes to become warmer and more energy efficient through the installation of energy-saving improvements. Mrs L found out about the scheme after hearing about it through her family and on the local radio.

“We have an old house and our energy bills were very high.”

Once she got in touch with Warmworks Scotland’s local team in Kirkwall, an application was completed, and Mrs L found that she was eligible to receive help under the scheme. A survey of her home was then arranged to look at the measures from which her property could benefit. The survey identified that Mrs L’s home would benefit from external wall insulation. After a technical survey was carried out to agree the details of the installation, Warmworks Scotland appointed a local sub-contractor in Orkney to complete the work.

“They all cleaned up after themselves and were really tidy. They did the ingos for the windows and even cleaned them afterwards. They were brilliant, they did such a good job.”

After the installation was completed, an independent inspection was arranged to make sure the work was completed correctly, and to a high standard. Thanks to the measures which were installed in her home under the scheme, Mrs L says that she has already noticed the difference it has made for her and her family.

“We are so much warmer, we’ve even said how hot it is in the house. The house looks so much nicer too, everyone comments on it.”

Mrs L also says that she would encourage other people in Orkney to look at whether they are eligible for help under the scheme.

“Go for it, definitely go for it. I’m telling other people they should definitely go for it and am putting the word out.”

For more information about the Area Based Scheme in Orkney, or to make an application, customers can contact the Orkney office on 01856 881513.