Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project

About the project

Warmworks has been awarded funding from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to deliver the Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project to householders in South East Scotland.

The project will install a range of different heat pumps, which are a renewable form of domestic heating technology, in around 250 homes across the region. The majority of those homes will be privately owned and on the gas grid. The cost of the heat pump and installation is fully covered through funding from BEIS.

The project aims to make homes warmer and more energy efficient over the longer term, as well as reducing householders’ reliance on fossil fuels and traditional sources of heat. It is also intended to provide the UK Government with a greater understanding of the motivators behind householders installing heat pumps, the barriers they face in doing so and how a large-scale rollout of heat pumps might work in the future.

Who is involved in delivering the project?

There are three separate project areas in different parts of the UK, each managed by different companies.
Warmworks is the chosen delivery partner in South East Scotland.

ChangeWorks Logo
Changeworks, a leading environmental charity based in Edinburgh, led a programme of activity to find applicants for the project.

How it works

Warmworks is working closely with a range of partners to deliver the project and will oversee the delivery of the end-to-end process, ensuring that customers experience a first-class, streamlined service. The graphic below shows the steps that are involved in the project.


Customer journey: Changeworks identifies participants, survey, contract issued, technical survey, installation, inspection, customer satisfaction survey, annual service visit

How participants are selected

Changeworks led a programme of activity to identify potential participants for the project. The project is currently at capacity and no new participants are being sought at this time.

If a household has previously been identified by Changeworks as being potentially suitable for this project and they have agreed to take part, Warmworks will then contact them to arrange a home visit to carry out an assessment of their property.

The installation phase of the project will last approximately one year, with the outcomes of the programme published by BEIS once all of the monitoring and evaluation is complete.

Accredited installation partners

Every member of Warmworks’ supply chain for this project will be held to our extremely high standards in terms of the quality of work they deliver.

This is consistently monitored by a dedicated performance management system and our in-house team provides daily support to all sub-contractors in order to ensure customers receive a first-class service.

Heat Pump on side of house
Contact Details
We are not accepting any new applications at this time. If you are an existing customer and would like to get in touch with us, contact Warmworks on EOH_scotland@warmworks.co.uk.