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Please note, Warmworks will be closed from 3pm on Friday 22 December until 9am on Wednesday 27 December, and from 3pm on Friday 29 December until 9am on Wednesday 3 January 2024

If you need to contact any of our suppliers in case of an emergency, please find their contact details below

Out of hours telephone numbers

  • Alba:  0141 445 4422
  • Alex Matheson Plumbing & Heating: 07717 313 805
  • Alex Murray: 077877 725 608 / 07375 046 613
  • Anglian Renewables: 0333 577 1886
  • BRB:  0141 892 0775
  • Carbon 3: 07538 009 982
  • Carbon Rewind: 01923 801 801
  • City Tech:  0333 202 0708
  • Dalex:  0131 440 0645
  • Eco Efficient Homes: 07507 490 737
  • Eco Spray: 07970 982 110
  • E&C Construction: 07979 184 533
  • Energy Efficient Home Solutions: 07507 490 737
  • Enviraz:  07890 273 789
  • Envo Energy Solutions: 07462 173 431 / 07454 822 660
  • Everwarm:  01506 638 8600 (for Warmer Homes Scotland and all other projects) or 07494 538 556 (for Greater South East Scheme)
  • Green Building Renewables: 01904 946 609
  • HHE Energy: 07809 204 980
  • IDM: 01463 213 480
  • Infinity: 0203 6384030
  • IRS:  07800 972 415
  • JR Scaffolding: 07921 473 979 / 07596 876 596
  • LMPH: 0800 999 5646 / 07887 745 646
  • LMF: 0151 666 5300
  • McInnes:  01463 231 423
  • Montali:  07889 686 305
  • Neil Mackay:  07900 825 059
  • NCS Property Maintenance: 01992 504 665
  • Nordri:  01595 695 166
  • Northseal Facades: 07472 223 993
  • Omega Electrical Contractors Scotland: 07796 855 257
  • Pacifica: 0800 737 247
  • PWB Developments: 07454 822 660
  • Q-Bot: 0204 579 4999
  • R Clouston:  07515 573 544
  • RJM Insulation Ltd: 0203 774 5509
  • RS Merriman: 07801 657 648
  • Scot Foam: 01592 377 007 / 07545164757
  • Shetland Heatwise:  07496 901 009 /07793 989 002
  • Simple Heat: 07578 846 000
  • South East Heating:  01750 725 953
  • South Coast: 01329 822 845
  • Switch Energy: 07376 454 621
  • The Edinburgh Boiler Company: 07878 804 801
  • Thrift Energy: 0191 284 2424
  • TK Murray:  01236 730 579
  • Valley Group: 07932 412 461
  • Walker Renewables: 07500 954 537
  • We Insulate: 07532 755 199

Common questions

Who are Warmworks?

Formed in 2015, Warmworks is a joint venture partnership between three organisations with considerable experience and understanding of our industry and the customers we serve. These organisations are Energy Saving Trust, Everwarm and Changeworks. We are committed to providing affordable warmth to homes, families and communities across the country.

What does Warmworks do?

We deliver a range of contracts across the country, from the Orkney Islands to South East England, aimed at helping people to manage their energy costs by improving the energy efficiency of their home. We are also the Managing Agent of the Scottish Government’s national fuel poverty scheme, Warmer Homes Scotland. Since the scheme was launched in 2015, we have supported more than 35,000 people across Scotland to stay warm in their home, save against their energy bills and make their home more energy efficient. For information about all the contracts and projects we manage, visit the Our Work page of our website.  

Warmworks is a Managing Agent – what does this mean?

We are the Managing Agent for most of the projects we deliver.  This means we oversee the installation of heating, energy efficiency and insulation work in our customers’ homes, from the initial survey where we’ll discuss the measures that could be installed, right through to a final inspection to make sure everything meets our rigorous safety and quality standards.

How does Warmworks help communities?

We recognise that we have a role in supporting the communities in which we work and live. This has meant working to create jobs and training opportunities, supporting communities with approaches tailored to their needs, and leaving a real, lasting legacy. Since we were founded in 2015, we have supported the creation of more than 150 apprenticeships in our supply chain, more than 700 jobs, and over 3,000 training opportunities. For more information about how we support local communities, visit the Our communities page of our website.

What is Warmworks’ supply chain?

We manage a network of more than 20 registered and accredited sub-contractors, known as our supply chain, who help us provide a first-class service to our customers.  Each sub-contractor is continually assessed by a specially designed performance management system. The aim of this is to help reassure our customers that they will receive high quality workmanship, that the people carrying out work in their home are professional and trustworthy, and that our sub-contractors are able to deal with any questions or concerns. 

What is Warmworks’ inclusive service commitment?

We are dedicated to providing an inclusive service that takes account of our customers’ individual needs.  We understand that some of our customers will often need extra support. Our service has been specifically designed to allow us to meet these needs wherever we can.

How can I find out about opportunities to join the Warmworks team?

You can find information about our current vacancies by clicking the Join our team link at the top of this page.

How can I get in touch with Warmworks?

You can get in touch with us by calling 0800 011 6189 or by emailing If you have an enquiry about one of our projects, you can find details of how to get in touch at the bottom of each project page listed under the Our work section of our website.

Customer stories

Mr B

Mr B had heard of the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme through TV adverts, and decided to do some internet research to find out what help was available.

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Mrs A

Mrs A had an old heating system that didn’t properly heat her home, and she found that her inefficient heating system was becoming too expensive to run.

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Mrs F

Mrs F wanted to apply to Warmer Homes Scotland as she was struggling to keep her home heated and access hot water.

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Mrs L

Mrs L heard about the EES:ABS from one of her neighbours, and wanted to get in touch because she was spending most of her income on heating.

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Warmworks wins Scottish Government national fuel poverty programme bid


By Nicola McLeod, Scotland Division Managing Director Eight years ago, Warmworks was founded to deliver the first phase of the Scottish Government’s national fuel poverty scheme, Warmer Homes Scotland. The eight years since have seen us deliver heating and energy efficiency upgrades to more than 33,000 homes across Scotland and expand our service provision across the […]

Warmworks reflects on the SFHA Energy and Net Zero Conference 2022


By Jenny Langskog, Senior Business Development Manager and Ian Cuthbert, Supply Chain Development Manager SFHA’s events schedule provides Warmworks and organisations like us with an excellent opportunity to share insights from our recent housing association projects – both the challenges and opportunities presented – and hear from those in the sector about how the policy, […]

Supporting fuel poor homes to stay more affordably warm


By Dan Jones, Public Affairs and Communications Manager With the worst elements of the winter period now coming into sharper focus, we’re all increasingly aware of the challenges we’ll face in heating our homes in light of escalating energy prices. However, for many homes in Scotland, the scale and nature of rising energy prices over […]

Opportunities to join Warmworks’ supply chain


At a time when sharply rising energy bills are causing people to worry about how they are going to heat their homes this winter, Warmworks is delivering heating and insulation improvements to homes across the country. We’ve seen high levels of demand for our work, and we’re now looking to expand our supply chain to […]

Being able to have a bath without having to wait for an immersion tank to heat up is just bliss!  For the first time in a long time, I slept for a solid six hours. It is so lovely to have running hot water and heating which comes on automatically depending on the setting of the thermostat which I can control.  I no longer dread the winters!

Mrs F, Glasgow

There is a big, noticeable improvement with my home being warmer. I have more peace of mind that the heating system which was installed is the best and most efficient green energy heating system available. I now have constant hot water, which is something I did not have before.

Mr B, Kippen, Stirlingshire

I’m looking forward to having a winter – the first in many years – where I don’t stress out about the fact that I am freezing in most of the house.

Mr N, Cupar, Fife

It couldn’t have gone any better, it really couldn’t have. The guys were on time in the morning, they and they were friendly. They did a much better job than I had anticipated in any fashion, and also cleaned up after themselves. All I had to do was sit back and put the heating on and enjoy the heat!

Mr L, Glasgow

The installation was tremendous. It was absolutely spot on. It was only one day. They arrived early in the morning and got the job done that day. You wouldn’t have even known they were in the house apart from the fact there was a new heating system. It was great, it was honestly perfect.

Mrs A, Thurso, Highlands

This changed my life. My boiler was broken, and to give you an example, I was being charged £1.50 an hour for my old boiler, I am now averaging £3.35 a day with the new system. My flat is now constantly warm and very comfortable, and I have hot water on tap.

Mrs E, Glasgow

It’s definitely had an impact on my wellbeing, as I worry less about the high bills. At least I am now warm and comfortable. Before, I was either cold or I was roasting.

Mrs H, Perth

It’s a very good system and my heating bills certainly aren’t as expensive. The house is so much warmer. It’s definitely given me a lot more peace of mind, and I’m a lot happier.

Mrs S, Girvan