Energy Efficient Scotland: Area-Based Scheme (Orkney)

Helping to warm homes throughout Orkney

Orkney Islands Council (the Council) has contracted Warmworks as its Managing Agent to deliver the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area-Based Scheme (EES: ABS) in Orkney.

EES: ABS aims to help homes become warmer and more energy efficient through the installation of energy-saving improvements. It could also help householders save money on their fuel bills.

About the scheme

The Scottish Government provides funding to local authorities to develop and deliver energy efficiency programmes (mainly solid wall insulation) in areas with high levels of fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is defined by the Scottish Government as a situation where a household cannot afford to keep their home warm.

Orkney Islands Council has secured a proportion of this funding from the Scottish Government to deliver an area-based scheme to assist homeowners, private sector tenants and landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The money from the Scottish Government is combined with other funding from the Energy Company Obligation, as well as homeowners’ contributions and funding from registered social landlords who may choose to insulate their homes at the same time.

Area-based schemes are designed and delivered by councils with local delivery partners. They target areas with higher levels of fuel poverty to provide energy efficiency measures to a large number of Scottish homes while delivering emission savings and helping reduce fuel poverty.

How it will work

Warmworks will oversee the delivery of the end-to-end process, ensuring that customers experience a first-class, streamlined service. The graphic below shows the steps that will be involved in the project.


Customer journey: engagement, application, survey, offer made, work completed, aftercare advice given, customer satisfaction survey
In many cases, the cost of the installation will be fully covered with funding provided by the Council. If households need larger scale energy-saving improvements, then a financial contribution towards the cost may be required.

How do I find out if I qualify for help?

If you are interested in finding out more about EES: ABS, you can contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282.
You can also visit Warmworks’ office in Kirkwall at the following address, you don’t need an appointment: The Store, 5 West Tankerness Lane, Kirkwall, KW15 1AL.

How long will it take?

This will depend on what work needs to be done. Some of the bigger scale work can take longer, but we will always try to make sure that any work that is required is completed as efficiently and carefully as possible.

Accredited local installation partners

Every member of Warmworks’ supply chain for this project will be held to our extremely high standards in terms of the quality of work they deliver. We use registered companies based in Orkney that we have been working with for more than five years.

This is consistently monitored by a dedicated performance management system and our in-house team provides daily support to all sub-contractors in order to ensure customers receive a first-class service.

Small wooden house covered by hands
Contact Details
If you are interested in finding out more about EES: ABS, you can contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282.